Society and Its Challenges – A Think Tank Topic

Indeed, not much remains when it comes to the topic of society in our civilization, and our think tanks, academia, and government leaders are constantly speaking amongst themselves how to use social engineering tactics to maintain civility in a society? And if so to what extremes should they go to help keep the peace? It seems at times there are no bounds and perhaps this is why our online style think tank recently addressed this dilemma.

You see, if we allow government to interfere with the courts, to keep everyone happy, or the natives restless depending on what is needed at the time to maintain a cohesive society based on the strategies and thinking of the powers that be, then at some point there will be a mob which will manipulate the leaders to serve its will on the other side of that same pendulum, thus, it all becomes a push-pull, ying-yang issue in the end. And as society pushes extra hard at one time or another, things generally get out of hand and more often than not end up impeding upon a minority of individuals that perhaps do not wish to go along with the mob.

If the politicians realize that their longevity in office is predicated on keeping the mob happy, then the minority group will pay with a decreased level of comfort or lessened life experience as liberty and freedom are removed for them. But this is only one of the problems involved and the mob can only move with willing participants, even if sometimes things get ugly, nevertheless it is truly amazing what groups of people are capable of when they stop thinking and act together in a wild feeding-frenzy.

For instance, there is that famous quote; if everyone was going to jump off a bridge, would you jump to?” Perhaps, your mom used to say that, and generally parents say things like this to tell their kids just because the rest of the kids are doing something that is wrong, doesn’t mean that little Johnny can. Do you see that point?

Today, it appears that there is more than one society, as people have double identities – for instance there is their online persona, and that which is in the real world. Sometimes they are the same, but often they are quite divergent, in other words people put their best foot forward online, while their real lives are not up to the standards that they portray. No, that doesn’t necessarily fit me, just an observation from friends and associates I know, I am sure you’d come to the same conclusion if you look.

This is all well and good, and perhaps no different than those in Los Angeles where everyone has a story, and you really can’t talk to anyone unless you allow them their line of BS, of who they say they are, rather than who you really know them to be. If you expose the truth, you are no longer their friends, but if you pretend to go along with it, everything is fine. It’s a silly game, but so too are humans in society often enough.

Of course, this often entices others to do the same, and everyone tries to one up-man-ship everyone else with a better story, none of which is true. In other words, you can’t believe everything you hear, and therefore you certainly can’t believe everything you read on a social network. At some point in our society everyone just needs to come to terms with this reality, rather than a virtual-reality they pretend to be one with.

Most all cohesive societies have a common bond, perhaps one with religion, nationalism, or the case of the United States it once was freedom. In other words, anyone could have come from anywhere, held any religious belief, and as long as they believed in freedom and what America stood for everyone was in a cohesive melting pot society.

Today the melting pot is not melting exactly it once was, for instance, if you were a city like Los Angeles you will see that if you drive down any major street, every 2 miles the signs change in front of all the businesses, it might be Korean town, then an all Hispanic area, then an all-black neighborhood, then perhaps a white area, and into an area that is purely Chinese.

That’s not really melting, although everyone gets together in the mall, and no one seems to mind that everyone is of a different nationality, background, culture, and many of them don’t even speak the same language. Of course, everyone speaks enough to get by, it is amazing that it works, but it only works because everyone believes in personal freedom. You see, there has to be a glue that holds society together or it will fall apart.

Many people are worried about the issues of culture clash between the Middle East and the first world Western nations. Some believe this is quite contrived, and there is no reason we can’t get along, of course it comes back to the issue of human rights, liberty, freedom, and the ever present religion. It makes things very difficult, it is very hard therefore for someone who’s a Christian to live in the Middle East, because they will get arrested the first time they start explaining their religious views to another.

In fact in the Middle East there are different sects of the same religion, and they are constantly at each other’s throats, so you can imagine what happens when someone who has completely divergent thinking on religion comes into the community or neighborhood. It’s just not possible. Still, it’s amazing how money, and trade can also bring nations together, and allow societies and cultures to share. It is in fact the sharing of culture, tradition, and nationality that will be the path to a one world Society. And we need to get that done because the Internet is bringing us closer together each and every day. Please consider all this.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and no

Individuals, Society And Commitments

There are many clear and subtle meanings of definition of an individual, though, the following is very interesting and intriguing. An individual is, “A distinct, indivisible entity, often one among many others of a similar kind. It is also very important to deduce the above definition to read what is written between the lines? It is predominantly leaning towards commercial or corporate culture, differentiating distinctly away from personal meaning. However, the second definition with respect to human relations is, “A single human considered apart from a society or community”.

The foremost definition has two parts that are grouped. Scrutinising the first part of individual as a distinct indivisible entity reveals that it is a separate existence. Secondly, the part among others of a similar kind establishes as fundamental nature or quality. These two phases of definition are reflecting solely a financial angle. Therefore, this individuality plays a commercial role in the society thereby keeping its commitments.

Looking into the human relations; a person is defined as, “the quality of being an individual”. The relationship between an individual and his subjectivity and capacity to choose his or her fate establishes their authority. Therefore, it is considered that an individual emphasis its authenticity, responsibility and free will towards the society. This particular aspect of individuality speaks volumes of human responsibility towards society and their commitments. Aristotle said, “He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god.”

The society is defined as, “The relationship of men to one another when associated in any way; companionship or fellowship, etc.” The society in general is flourishing on the people whose contribution is evaluated objectively. People register to progress towards all rounds, and happiness prevails. When it is overshadowed by subjective thoughts, then stagnation develops and progressed is thwarted. It eventually becomes a liability and becomes a burden on few good people living in that society.

The individuals and society will account for commitments in terms of men, material and morals. The commitments are also defined as, “Enthusiasm for something and a determination to work hard at it.” The individuals and society expect a fruitful outcome of their commitments. These individuals with their acts and deeds generate values and transform groups of people into a viable society. The ethics and morals associated with individuals, and society shows their commitments as the sacred entity. Their desires and sincerity reflect in the actions and show positive results. On the other hand, the opposite of the above is showing differences and division among individuals leading to a society of disgruntled people. Their performance and action affect everybody both physically and mentally giving birth to anti social elements spreading menace in the so called society.

The commitment which is the culminating point of individuals’ and society’s since

Accepting and Embracing Your Sexual Self

What are you hiding?C’mon…you know you’re hiding something.Is it that you like anal sex?…That you like to have sex with women and men alike?… That you are dominant?…That you like to be tied-up?What is it? C’mon, you can tell me.It’s just between the two of us. I won’t tell anyone – and you’ll feel better if you tell someone!Don’t believe me? Find a person that you feel is non-judgmental and that you can trust. Tell them, and see for yourself. What? You say that’s easier said than done?What if someone SEEMS non-judgmental, and you think you can trust them, but then you’re wrong. You certainly won’t be feeling much better when your secret is out.You know, you’re right. But you know what else? Interestingly, more than likely that person who would be talking about your thing, HAS THEIR VERY OWN THING, TOO…and they keep it just as tightly wrapped up as yours. They, too, wonder what others might think…wonder if they’re a bad person, or if something is wrong with them because their interest isn’t in the mainstream of the conservative, “OK” sexual realm. All the while, though, they have a sense of guilty enjoyment from the pleasure that draws them to do it in the first place.The thing is, though, that while they’re off talking about another’s thing, they keep attention away from they own, and they are SURE TO LET OTHERS KNOW THAT THEY’RE NOT LIKE THAT. Funny how we human beings are, covering parts of ourselves that we actually have in common with others, but don’t know it because we’re too busy hiding it.I’d be willing to bet there may even be atleast one person who would read this and say, “Not me! I’m not hiding anything!” If that is you, you might want to consider if you are denying a part of yourself because you feel that it’s wrong to have the interest/desire/feeling that you have. So, truly you aren’t really hiding it, but rather just denying it…all the while you ARE IT!Interesting, don’tja think?Now, of course, I could be off base here. My experience is what I have come to base my thoughts on. It seems to me that sex and sexual matters are the last taboo in our society. It is the one thing that is not supposed to be “out there” for public consumption. As a pleasurable activity, some would say it isn’t even supposed to be there for private consumption. It is one of those things that is being pushed down, pushed aside, covered up, while all the time still living quite a fertile life.Has anyone considered that the more it’s covered up and hidden, the more it is made the thing that shouldn’t be done, the more likely some will want to do it, or try it?Ever do something that you weren’t supposed to be allowed to do – and then wonder what the charge was? Or perhaps you went the other way…you got a big charge out of it because you were doing something you weren’t supposed to do?Think about this. People have sex in their office or an elevator, or in other “off limits” places because they’re “off limits.” It probably wasn’t until someone said; “No, this is not acceptable” that couples lined up and said, “Let’s have sex HERE!” I wonder how many people would be having sex in these types of places if suddenly anyone could do it anywhere.Now, before you think I support having sex anywhere, let me say, given how things have been, if suddenly it was OK, I would imagine for awhile people would be doing it just about anywhere. But, I would also imagine that the reaction would wear off after a time, and people would cease to do it JUST BECAUSE THEY COULD, but rather because they wanted to. Maybe there would even be a reversion to “let’s just do this for us” behind closed doors.Oftentimes, I think people REACT vs. ACT. They don’t realize it at the time. But the minute someone says they can’t do something – they NEED to do that very same thing.There’s an expression what you resist, PERSISTS. If we as a society resist certain sexual behaviors, they will likely continue on a larger scale than those who are vocal about it would like. On a more personal level, resisting a part of who you are – or think you could be – will only have that part of you continue to haunt and taunt you. Allow it, and you may find that the driving power it seemed to have diminishing, and you’ll be free to be or not to be, to do or not to do, and no longer be at its mercy.I realize, again, that this may just sound a little too easy of a solution, while it feels to you to be quite a difficult thing to allow. However, I have had many conversations with people regarding these types of things, and once they released themselves from another’s restraints (opinions and judgments), they found relief.Given the nature of what I have written, I feel compelled to speak to the following: as long as humans continue to make judgments about what they think is “wrong”, “right”, “good”, “bad”, there will always be a diversity of opinions on the assessments of another, based on another’s relative experience. For that reason, someone can always find a way to justify their own behavior. This article was written with the greatest of respect for people and their sexual nature. It was not intended in any way to promote any sexual behavior or tendencies.Since I care a great deal for others, it is my belief that it is important for us to be true to ourselves, but not to the detriment of another. What has been written here was written in this context, and it is my desire that a person reading this, who has been fighting aspects of their sexual persona, has been provided a prospective that provides an alternative to their current experience.

The Only Thing Human Societies Don’t Need More Of Is More People

Not long ago I was having a conversation with someone who you might consider a Technocrat. He was quite into the concept of scarcity, and all the doom and gloom of economic despair which might come with that. He did believe that with proper engineering we could do things more efficiently in our society and civilization, and to that point I couldn’t agree more.You see, I run a think tank, one which happens to operate online, and we talk about these things each and every day. Whereas it is true that human populations are running out of resources, materials, and all sorts of other things, there is definitely one thing they are not running out of at all. Okay so let’s talk shall we?So what might it be that human societies don’t need more of? We obviously would like to have more oil and fuel to run our cars, and therefore have lower costs at the gas pump. We’d also like to have more of certain types of food, and we need more rare earth elements or REEs. People would also like to have more money, more gold, more energy, more health care, and more of just about everything else. One thing that human societies and civilizations are not lacking is more people. In fact we have so many people; there are now 7 billion people on the planet.Could that be one of the reasons why we are running out of everything, or why scarcity rears its ugly head more often than not? Could this have something to do with commodity price spikes, droughts, and shortages? Surely, and although we are able to keep up running red line with most of these things now, there will come a time when we will run out of things forever. Or the cost to get more will be so prohibitive that lesser desired substitutes will have to be accepted. Isn’t that already happening in many regards? Will technology be able to keep up with human population growth?These are all very good questions, and thus, wouldn’t it be wise if human populations around the planet started curtailing this unhealthy population growth? Well, getting people to stop procreating might be rather difficult because it is an innate characteristic of the species, and if it weren’t, we probably wouldn’t be here in the first place.However, now it’s time to curtail some of this rapid growth before we eat ourselves out of house and home. You know, surely you remember when you were a teenager and your parents had trouble as your appetite grew. That’s all I’m talking about, at a philosophical level. Please consider all this and think on it.